Plastic Artist


Irene Zundel was born in Mexico City in 1958. From 1977 to 1981 she studied Graphic Design at Philadelphia College of Art.


In the early 1990´s, she joined a workshop established by Enrique Jolly, considered one of Mexico´s most accomplished sculptors, expert in casting and melting techniques, as well as an excellent portrait painter. Irene remained at this workshop for over a decade, where she discovered that abstraction was the language that she needed to express both her concerns and her inner world.


Since 1997, her popularity increased exponentially as she began presenting her individual works at galleries, cultural centers and other venues around Mexico City. She has participated in various collective art exhibitions in Mexico and other countries, like the International Contemporary Art Biennial in Florence, Italy. At this early stage of her career, she built bronze sculptures which portray movement, but also mirror the artist’s state of mind at the time of their making. These works reflect a great amount of emotions and inner exploration. Most of them are monochromatic, mostly rendered in grey, green or brown.


Throughout her career, Zundel has experimented with a variety of materials such as wax, clay, ceramics, steel, bronze and for the past two years she began to work with Plexiglas. The infinite possibilities provided by this last material have allowed her to conceive fascinating projects. The artist went through a learning and research process to achieve such results. The result of this process is magnificently exemplified by the works of art gathered for the Beyond Reality exhibition. These are balanced, brilliant and colorful pieces, which present a close relationship to the principles of optical and kinetic art. For the spectator standing before these works, the great variety of colors and light produce virtual movement. The varied colors of the pieces, with their shadows and reflections, transform themselves depending on the position of the spectator.